Saturday, February 5, 2011

TR 7 and MGB Owner John Brett Newest Member

I'm a long time British car enthusiast, having previously owned a 1971 MGB roadster and a 1977 TR7 coupe.
I currently own a 1973 MGB long-term project car and recently bought a 1980 TR7 convertible. The TR7 is in very nice condition, 89000 kms, all original with essentially no rust. It was purchased in November, so I haven't had a chance to enjoy it yet. I'm looking forward to driving next summer.
It will need some maintenance over the winter. I'll give it a thorough inspection and replace some normal wear parts. Any help with adjusting and syncing carbs (Zenith 175CD) would be appreciated.
Here are a few shots of the '73 MGB. I bought it as a dis-assembled project when I lived in Ontario and dollied it here when I moved home. I started some work on it last year, but work will likely slow again as I put some time and money into the TR7. I will finish it eventually. In the meantime, it's safe and dry in my garage.

John Brett


daw said...

Hello John!
Great looking TR7 and the "B" will be great too I am sure. Check out There are a lot of "B" experts in that club.
The 175CD carbs on the TR7 don't have much adjustment to them since they are factory set for emission control. Any TR7 manual will have detail on them. Canadian Tire sells a Haynes manual at least in the Corner Brook store.
Where do you live?
David Warr

John Brett said...

Thanks, David! Sorry so long to reply, I haven't checked my profile here for quite a while. Even with the rainy summer we had here on the Avalon, I managed to put about 1200 km on the TR7.

Thanks for the link to the Cape Breton club. I'll check it out.

I'm in St. Philip's, Conception Bay.
John Brett