Wednesday, August 3, 2011

British Cars For Sale

A recent check of Kijiji turned up a few little British cars are available in Newfoundland. So I thought I would post links to the vehicles:

Ads current to August 3, 2011

  • 2001 Jaguar XK8 Cabriolet Convertible $21000 (Kijiji Ad)

  • 1974 Triumph TR-6 Convertible $9000 (Kijiji Ad)

  • 1970 & 1976 MGB Classic Cars $ Contact (Kijiji Ad)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Geoff Kearley's TR 7

Geoff Kearley - I live in Topsail and recently purchased a Triumph TR7. I have a lifelong interest in sports cars and in British cars in particular. At the age of 10 I saw my first MGB and was fascinated. When I was 17 I had access to British motoring magazines and read every issue cover to cover. I have owned 15 cars but I grew up wanting a Triumph GT6. The closest I got was co-owning an MGB with my fiance...until now. I have a 1980 Triumph TR7 DHC. I am eager to get this on the road and share my interest in motoring and LBCs with other Newfoundlanders.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Peter Pope's MGTD

Here's the best picture I have of the car... I'll send another when I get a better. She's an MGTD, which rolled off the assembly line in Abingdon on Dec 18 1951... so does that make her a '51 or a '52 ? She was restored by a retired science professor in upper New York State, helped by his son, an engineer, and his dad, a retired sheet metal worker. I brought her to Flatrock, Newfoundland last summer and she's been on the road since September 2010. As of Christmas 2010, she had about 900 miles on the rebuilt engine and running well. I'm working now on a wiring plan to add signal lights, which weren't original equipment until 1953.

TR 7 and MGB Owner John Brett Newest Member

I'm a long time British car enthusiast, having previously owned a 1971 MGB roadster and a 1977 TR7 coupe.
I currently own a 1973 MGB long-term project car and recently bought a 1980 TR7 convertible. The TR7 is in very nice condition, 89000 kms, all original with essentially no rust. It was purchased in November, so I haven't had a chance to enjoy it yet. I'm looking forward to driving next summer.
It will need some maintenance over the winter. I'll give it a thorough inspection and replace some normal wear parts. Any help with adjusting and syncing carbs (Zenith 175CD) would be appreciated.
Here are a few shots of the '73 MGB. I bought it as a dis-assembled project when I lived in Ontario and dollied it here when I moved home. I started some work on it last year, but work will likely slow again as I put some time and money into the TR7. I will finish it eventually. In the meantime, it's safe and dry in my garage.

John Brett

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adam Barnes NBAA Newest Member

was wondering if i could join the newfoundland british autombile assoc?
think i had a couple of flyers on my windshield over the years but found your website...
here are some pics of my mgb which i have owned since i was approx 16 (now 29)
can they go on the site also???



Sure thing Adam. I owned my 74 MGB since I was 14.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cliff Osmond Joins the NBAA

My name is Cliff Osmond, I live in Kippens NL.We just moved back after 30 years away from the Rock. The following picture is of my 1980 MGB. This is the second one I owned in last 15 years. Just love these cars. David Warr from St. George's told me of your site. Think it is great.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Triumph GT6 and Jaguar E-Type Owner Added to the Group

Dave Warr is the newest member of the NBAA. Dave has four beautiful british cars: 1960 Jag MK2 that I have owned since 1997, a 1964 E-Type that I 've had since 1985, a 1969 Triumph GT6+ since 1974 and a 1974 Jag XJ6

From Dave:

You sure are fast!! The only car I don't have a lot of pictures of is the XJ6 mainly because I bought it in great condition in 99 and have only used it in the summer.
The Triumph was used for 11 winters which caused the floor and frame to rust out. I then bought a good used frame for it in Montreal and welded in a floor from a 73 that had been in an accident. Car drives like brand new but needs to be painted again. Picture of the car with the stripes is from about 1976 with a professional paint job. Since then I do all my own work as well as paint.
The E-type as it was in 1985 when I bought it. Drove it from Corner Brook to St. George's with no brakes. Started work ao it and didn't drive it for 7 years. Used it a couple of summers in Nova Scotia while going to school. I am a follower of the Lightweight E-Types and wanted mine to look like Briggs Cunningham's 1962 Le Mans car although that car was not strictly a lightweight. Hence the blue stripes and number 10.
The MK2 I bought in New Brunswick. I bought it from an antique furniture dealer who had taken the car with an estate sale just so he could get the furniture. It was originally a company car in montreal.
The E-Type has a real interesting story. Too long for now. We are the 5th owner and the longest by far. Scary car, always wants to go 100+ mph.