Sunday, December 7, 2008

Triumph GT6 and Jaguar E-Type Owner Added to the Group

Dave Warr is the newest member of the NBAA. Dave has four beautiful british cars: 1960 Jag MK2 that I have owned since 1997, a 1964 E-Type that I 've had since 1985, a 1969 Triumph GT6+ since 1974 and a 1974 Jag XJ6

From Dave:

You sure are fast!! The only car I don't have a lot of pictures of is the XJ6 mainly because I bought it in great condition in 99 and have only used it in the summer.
The Triumph was used for 11 winters which caused the floor and frame to rust out. I then bought a good used frame for it in Montreal and welded in a floor from a 73 that had been in an accident. Car drives like brand new but needs to be painted again. Picture of the car with the stripes is from about 1976 with a professional paint job. Since then I do all my own work as well as paint.
The E-type as it was in 1985 when I bought it. Drove it from Corner Brook to St. George's with no brakes. Started work ao it and didn't drive it for 7 years. Used it a couple of summers in Nova Scotia while going to school. I am a follower of the Lightweight E-Types and wanted mine to look like Briggs Cunningham's 1962 Le Mans car although that car was not strictly a lightweight. Hence the blue stripes and number 10.
The MK2 I bought in New Brunswick. I bought it from an antique furniture dealer who had taken the car with an estate sale just so he could get the furniture. It was originally a company car in montreal.
The E-Type has a real interesting story. Too long for now. We are the 5th owner and the longest by far. Scary car, always wants to go 100+ mph.

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daw said...

If you are passing by St. George's on the TCH drop in, Especially if you are driving a British car.